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Thanks Michelle, for taking time to post your life. I very much enjoy reading about and seeing so much of what comprises it. The life of my lovely and sweet-souled sister along with the ppl that help compliment and enrich your wonderful life. Ahem...other than me, that is ;)
Hey! I LoVe YOU, ok?? bye 4 now

Thank you so much for posting info about NWEI, precycling, and WORMS on your website Michelle! I was so happy that you could make it yesterday, and feel so proud to be on your BLOG! We went to the Humane Society today because they have the coolest little pet shop. We go there rather than the chain-stores to buy rabbit supplies! Anyway, the softest, prettiest, bonded pair of buns is up for adoption. Their names are "Joanie and Chachi"! How funny! Have a great week! :-)

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