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how cool! i'm with you on this!!! i love, love, love tim holtz' distressed inks/product line!

yes, aged and withered, so great! I envy that you can find old envelopes at goodwill and own such great aging fluids! :-)

Hey, I'm distressed and aged.....does that make me art??


I have started to collect old papers, now I am going to have to let go of my phobia about cutting them!

I love the aged/distressed look, too. And aren't the illustrations in old books like that just awesome? The detail that went into them. Amazing. Inspiring.

What wonderful encyclopedias! I have a set of Book of Knowledge from my childhood, so they are not yet truly old! They seem to hold as much possibility for me now as they did when I was a child. And when we don't really have the "real thing," isn't it fantastic that we can distress to our heart's content?!

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