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Thank you SO much for the pictures Michelle, it is just like taking the tour! I love their new place and I know they will be happy there.

So when I come up there now I know I can take them shopping for a few things for their place (like a spatula, if they don't have one yet) and I will insist on buying them. I'm sure they will resist, but I will break out "the pointy Mom finger" (Casey knows what this is) and they will have no choice.

Happy Mother's Day my sweet sister.

Casey and Amanda's apartment is FABU! Wow, Nelson would love's very nice and spaci0us and love the hardwood floors. Their cat Bellatrix is adorable! That's why I love reading someone else's blog you can take a little peek on how other people live their lives, it's very interesting read! I love it!

Gosh, they must be SO happy! Their new place is purrrfect and I love the write up you did. Twas JUST like being there.

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