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Hi Michelle

this looks awesome girl

You rock


OMG, this is DOOdlicious!!!!! LOVE it. I wish I could doodle like that. YOu see how I tried to doodle last time for the challenges? That was a poor attempt for me but I loved it, though...Pls. do DOODLE away! Gosh, I don't know how many times I said doodle in this comment. OH NO, It's catching ME! Doodle-yee-hoo!!! Luvs Malou

May I please have a doodle done by yoodle in my colours gold and green? Large enuff to frame? I don't ask for much but these are SO striking!
Oh and Shell, I printed an 8x10 of your black and white sketch and have a magnet holding it on my refrigerator. Perhaps I will frame as it is. Btw, we think it deserves a place in your Artsie doodads album as is.

Oakely Doodlely, Neighbor! I love them all, especially the carpe doodle.

i LOVE your doodles!!!!!!!!! (if i add more exclamation points, it will look silly)

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