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Aww, He is such a cutie!!! I love atticus!

Michelle, thanks for sending me the picture of Atticus. I was REALLY missing BC last night. Then, today I got your pic of this boy...and then on my walk home I was "hit" by a haiku that I thought you'd enjoy. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cats purr magic
BC. Atticus. Nosey.
Any name pure soul

wait, Haiku is 7/5/7 right? Or is it 5/7/5? Anyway, hope you like it! Love, Jen :-)

i find it ironic that your cutest cat ever looks almost exactly like my evilest cat ever. when we moved across the country, it took 3 of us in a small closed room over an hour to get her into the kitty carrier - and we all got hurt. if you walk past her and you get too close, she'll chase you down and bite you on the back of the leg. mean. evil. but oddly cute.

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