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WOW! How cool is that!! Congratulations!! You're going to have so much fun playing :). Are you going to be creating from her stamps or do you get to actually create some original stamps yourself? (for some reason that's what I see with your doodles---your own line of stamps!!) YAY! So exciting :)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Michelle !!!

that totally rocks Michelle:) Congrats!!!

I'm so excited that you're excited!!! Cuz I am too! And yeah, I've been coveting your doodles. We may have to work something out.

I am now a Johanna fan too...I'll have to tell Jayne about these for her polymer creations. And of course pick some up for my mom-in-law for x-mas! :-)

I know I'm late w/this but CONGRatulations! You totally deserve to be on that DT coz' you have the most amazing things on your bod and you are very talented!!!

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