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OMG, Michelle! This is so FREAKIN" cool!!!! I love it-love the layers and love the journaling. I love how you journal! It must be so cool iRL your BOD!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love love all your pages and stuff and I expecially love your doodling and me too on white pens. I'm gonna be looking for that brand. Isn't it great to have a weekend where the time and creative juices are there together

I love your book of dreams page. I too find great comfort and joy in my dreams. I do have the very occasional "bad" dream, (usually after pizza, or when something emotionally unsettling happens during the day), but for the most part my dreams make me happy, give me inspiration and comfort. I believe God talks to me through my dreams.

It's so beautiful. That's an unusual combo of avocado and white pen. It works :)

Love the colors you've used on these pages---that creamy white & green combined with the hint of pink :). Your journaling & the lettering you used are terrific too---very cool!

I've been gesso-ing my pages on & off this week, thinking of what I want to add, but mostly just working through the gesso. Nothing exciting to share yet, but am hoping to get more on sometime this weekend. Might be Monday or later before I do get the chance tho--am going shopping with my family tomorrow to your big city in search of the perfect prom success in Eugene or locally yet.

Have a great weekend & sweet Mother's Day!

Having you for a sister is like the sweetest dream come true. What a beautiful page!

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