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Hi Shell,

So glad Miranda is on her way to wisdom freedom. I never knew you didn't have any wisdom teeth. Mine all came in just fine, never even knew it when they did.....

And I KNOW all about your bendy thumbs - remember when we were a lot younger and discussed how if we ever decided to hitchhike (which we would never, ever really do Mom, just in case you're reading this) that YOU would have to be the one to "thumb" the ride, because your thumbs would be so bleepin noticeable? (It's weird the conversation memories I keep stored in this noggin of mine).

I like what Atticus does all day. I wanna do that all day too!

Love you,

Having my wisdom teeth pulled was so strange. The surgeon and his assistant tag-teamed me. She asked me about my summer vacation while he inserted the IV. I remember beginning to describe my summer travels and was interrupted by the assistant waking me up. That's one hour of my life that I'm happy to lose :)

P.S. Hope Miranda has an easy and painless recovery :)

Well, I don't think I have any wisdom tooth also! Weird, huh! Well, I'm glad for Miranda that is out already and no more pain to deal with once the other tooth comes out. Did I tell you how cute Atticus is??? You know that already! Malou

did I miss the unfolding of the secret? It isn't about your wisdom teeth is it?

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