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Happy Mother's day, Michelle! I love the pix of the 4 of you! Glen and Miranda's pix are so adorable. I love how you said how Glen is spending time with his other woman, his airplane! Thanks for the lovely comments always on my lil' ol blog! I'm so glad that I have found you as my friend! Luvs Malou

OMG...I LOVE the words to that song -- SO funny! And everyone looks simply marvelous, darling. How exciting for Glen to be able to pilot the corp jet (he did, didn't he?) He looks like he owns the thing and by the way he is REALLY handsome did you know that? Happy Mother's Day, I LoVe LoVe LoVe yas.

Okay. Armchair traveler that I am, I looked for Callis Belle, MT on the map. Could it possibly be Kalispell?? ROTFLMAO!

My mom is the coolest! It is Kalispell! I just had an e-mail from Glen. Thanks Mommy!

Love all these pictures!! Yes, Glen is very handsome. And Michelle, you look so great standing next to the handsome Casey. You are looking very slender and more beautiful than ever these days!!!

seriously been neglecting my blogs lately...Happy Mother's Day:) It's been a busy week...

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