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Aww, isn't that cute? I love everyday moments like this especially of a couple. Believe me I have taken pix of my sandals and dh's sandals side by side together!!! Love it! I'm glad that you guys had a great time touring around w/Amanda and Casey. Sounds like Miranda will have a great time hangin' around w/those two!! Luvs Malou

Hi Michelle

It sounds like you had a wonderfull time... I enjoy it to when someone is stayin in my house...

Keep us posted about it and we want to see more pictures :)


Oh, my Pookey's shoes! And it is sooo adorable how her shoes are kind of nudged up against his; it's just like they are in person! What a neat picture Michelle. You have such an eye to even look down there like that and see it. Not me, I would have rolled my eyes, sighed and said "Sheeesh kids, just leave your shoes out where I can trip on 'em and fall on my keester, why dontcha!".

So, as it turns out, looking at that picture I ended up sighing anyway, but this was a good "aw, how sweet" sigh. Thank you for letting me see the simplistic beauty in a pair of shoes! By the way, I am so very much missing the feet that fill those shoes!


sweet way of thinking about the shoes. i would have just tripped on them. :)

lemme see whatcha bought? you teaser, you

I'm going to Portland in July...I'm gonna have to remember those two places for food for my husband:)

I totally owe you an email and I will get to it sometime this weekend:)

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