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So that I merely sound clueless and not completely dumb, let me say in my defense that I am not inside the arteest world "loop" -- all this time when I've heard mention of your getting to work on your "BOD", I thought you were referring to getting your body in shape. Now it's making sense, doh! I was wondering how you thought you could improve on your figure as it represents such womanly perfection as is.

i was so surprised to see PINK! it looks great. thanks for the eye candy. and for sharing about your weekend. so busy!

Lovely colours and spread!

I love this pink page as you know I love pink! I love the pix that you and Glen have it touched my heart so much when I saw it. I hope Nelson and I will last that long (like the 2 of u) I can only hope and pray for the best of us.

pretty in pink is saying it lightly, this looks like love a book of love dreams!

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