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I totally know what you mean about people misspelling things. Steve and I are both very conscious of mispelled words. They do seem prevalent in blogging and email, though.

Beading class sounds fun!

Hah! Did I misspell "misspelled" in the blog above? That's funny! :)

I like the sound of your career shift. Now you can call yourself a professional writer AND an earning artist; amazing! I feel like choking myself everytime I even begin to write recieve, or neice, or freind for instance. Speaking of friend, I once took it upon myself to tell a (male) friend that his chronic misspellings seemed the literary equivalent to an open fly. He was not pleased.

I would like to announce to the sister is a friggin' genius! "Literary equivalent of an open fly!" It's gonna take something big to top that one! Genius I tell's ya!

Sometimes it's just fun to write about what has been happening in our lives w/out pix. You are one busy woman now that you are in Johanna's DT but I am so glad for you! Everything is coming your way.

Hope you survived your weekend, your paper, your time away from your husband! I'm amazed at your ability to prioritize what "should be done" over "what I feel like doing"

OMG Michelle, you and I are more and more alike. I've known you all my life and I am still amazed at how alike we are sometimes (it's like we're related or something!). I too am an over-zealous proofreader. I get SO frustrated seeing typos, or (God-forbid), making a typo myself. And grammatical errors? - well, don't even get me started! What a dream job that would be. I would proofread all day for free if it paid the bills.

And Renee is so eloquent in her word choice, isn't she? I LOVE the typo/open fly analogy. I will definitely be using that one!!

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