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Yes, I like stuff. Even more, I like organizing stuff. But not so artistically as you--more like trying to have everything in the universe parallel (touch of OCD, you know).

The picture is probably from early 1962--I made the dress myself (by hand); hairstyle courtesy of countless pincurls with bobby pins the night before; cat's eye glasses; plus the ever present ciggy butt. Never dreamed how retro cool I would look some day!

Lordy, I actually wanted to not be so skinny in those days. So be careful what you wish for, eh?

love seeing the progress on your book of dreams (just seemed wrong when i typed "bod" instead... x-rated or something). you are choosing great colors? is that pam's influence too or your natural preferences?

You'v inspired me to get to work on my book---I've have had a break over the weekend (why does life get in the way?!) and my sweetie's birthday yesterday, so today I'm going to work some more. Maybe I'll get enough ahead to post some photos too :).

I too love stuff---and love using it, but am hesitant until I tell myself it's not like I'm losing it when I do use it---I'm preserving it better than just having it sit on a shelf or in a binder!

Thanks for the nudge!

What wonderful pages! Love the cheerful colours, and the fact that you put your mom in there. Copper mesh pocket looks intriguing. Yay for us, for finally getting started on the BOD!

Wow, our Mum was some hot stuff even back then. Re stuff: I love seeing all the neat stuff you have and how much delight it gives you. I enjoy going oooh and ahhh at the art you create with all your stuff so yes, I like stuff especially when it is YOUR stuff. As for stuff of my own, I'm with Mom in that I LOVE to organize. Not just the bit of physical stuff I do have, but all the stuff of which life is made.

OH, Yeah. Boy do I love stuff! that's why I loved doing the RAK's so I can add in more new stuff!!! I'm glad you were able to use some of the stuff that I gave you for your RAK! Love those pockets that you did. YOu and Lilli are doing such a good job on your bod! Luvs Malou

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