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That is nice! I like it, who would have guessed you were doing this with your mouth!!

too cool!!!

I thinks its great! what a marvelous painting! You should definitely do more!!
:) Abbie

LOVE THIS. You even got the shadow and shading looking so impressionistic yet realistic. (I don't know what I'm talking about here.) However, never saw an apple in any "painting" look so Delicious!!

Oh yes please Michelle, do a whole series!! This is FANTASTIC!!!! WOW! This is sooo beautiful! How amazing what a little shift in approach can do ;-)) It looks so delicious! I love it Michelle!


I'm totally impressed! It never occurred to me to try and paint something REAL. LOL Nicely done!

Wow! We used similar colors! Love this.

This turned out great. You are very talented Michelle!!!

very nice abstract experiment...great color choices!

This turned out awesome! So cool. I know what you mean about being so close...I felt like I was going cross-eyed!

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