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Hi, Michelle. Remember those cartoon strips that I did for the 21 day challenge. Most of those cartoons are from Dan Piraro??? Can you believe it. I'm glad you had a great time. Boy he looks young! That's a great pix of you guys! Luvs Malou

Sounds like you had fun. Wish I'd been there

I liked the idea of him walking and conversing with the crowd before the show started, I can imagine the people coming in...their thoughts, racing around them...Are we late!? Clever ice breaker!

Hi Michelle

It looks like you had so much fun... I am so glad for you...
Unfortunately I don't know HIM!!! But He looks very funny.. I just love that kind of people...


Never heard of this gentleman. Am sure I would love him, as I love Larson and Calhoun. I like his shirt and hat, and I love that he is looking toward you in the picture instead of mugging for the camera. What a cool neat picture for you to have.

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