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Tanks for sharing and I'm so glad you are taking couch time. I can't wait to take some of that myself but for now it's just not in the cards. Thank you very much for commmeting on some of MY thoughts and I hope to see more of you there as time goes on. I've wanted to comment on some of your other recent posts but my brain is not much here right now as I'm sure you can imagine. Love you sweetie and next time you watch a movie please try to imagine me by your side enjoying some sisterly time.

Those movies from the looks of it and I read the synopsis sounds really good. I like watching these kinds of movies! Thank you for recommending it. I love hearing someone else's recommendation and I do watch it! Luvs Malou

My hubby and I saw Off the Map and loved it! We just loved how genuine the characters were: each going through their own stuff, and being gracious and compassionate toward the people around them.

Hi Michelle

Today I'm taking a couch time too... For the first time in YEARS... I am really sick... My parents came to pick up my daughter so I could rest....
You know what? It feels really good

Love you

I'll have to check these out:)

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