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OMG, Michelle!!! Lotsa good news in the Geller household today and congrats to Glen and Miranda! Wow, you deserve all this goodness bcoz' you have such a happy family! I am just so happy for you. I haven't watched the transporter but it's on my list! Oh, another good book to read from my friend again coz' I told her you read a lot of books is "Garlic and Sapphire" it's about a food critic. Have a great weekend, my dear friend! Luvs Malou

Gosh, I turn my back on you for a couple hours and look at all this news! WooHoooo! Congratulations :)

that's excellent news about the job for Glen!! SO happy for you and your family:)

Wow, congratulations on Glen and Miranda's job news. I'm so happy Glen found something and hope his field work brings him toward my area so we can go for a lemondrop date like we did that one time. I like your idea of not wasting that *V* on something like a little pain. When I had a tooth pulled, my prescription actually made me ill but afterward I was able to stretch and enjoy that lil ole bottle for a whole year...***yippee***

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