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Wow, Michelle. My jaw just dropped when I saw all the 3 LO's that you did. They are gorgeous!! Love each and everyone of 'em. I will for sure will keep in touch with you. Goodluck w/your weight loss I need to do that also...Luvs Malou

Oh, BTW love the message that Glen left on your blog and the picture of ATTICUS is SO cute!!

Aww, Atty is so adorable. Happy Easter, my Dear G's! I wonder what delectable vegan delights adorned your table today.
Do you have a computer at home? I guess you must. I'm "slaving" away here at work but only for two more hours.
Love You!

Great pages, Michelle :) Love the flower stamp and the different layers. I have the same thoughts as you do about the walking. I'm not sure it's a permanent habit, but I'm seeing it in a better light now

AWESOME Michelle... Your pages ROCK!! And what a CUTE cat!! I just want to cuddle him LOL...

I'm so proud of you that you stick up with the challenge. You can't say that of me... I am still at day 7 LOL... I will finish it, I promised myself...

Good luck with your walking program and ofcourse with the Weight Watchers...
I'm the opposite of you.. I need to GAIN weight LOL..

I'm so glad I met you.. I will keep in touch with you for sure (if you want that too ofcourse...

Have a great day

What terrific pages...they're so vivid and eye-catching. Congratulations on all you've been able to accomplish during the challenge...both with your goal and in your art! You're awesome! :)

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