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Hi Michelle...

They are looking so CUTE!! I know you will take good care of them...


Love those pictures. Hope you have a great time getting those sweet kids acquainted with Beaverton/Portland and hope they are not overwhelmed, coming from this small town of Paso.

Hey, I don't remember the "Spider Hole" looking that inviting and lovely when I visited a couple of years or so ago. Good thing, elst I still might be there. Nay, I guess not. You're safe until you put in an escalator.


Your nephew and his GF looks GOOD together! I am happy that you are happy! You and Glen sounds like a very generous and sweet couples they are lucky to have you too.

Ahhhh! Thank you Shell, now I have documented proof that my Casey and his Amanda have successfully landed in the spider hole! (Thanks to God, to Casey's
reliable transportation, his incessant need to drive and no doubt a case or two of Red Bulls!) Now I can rest knowing he is in the presence of an Auntie who is so very much loving him.....and by repaying Claire's kindness to you, to him; you have, in turn, paid me, his Mom and your sister, a great kindness as well. Thank you!

Love to you all....

Wow, I'm also appreciative of how you are able to provide Simone and Mom with such concrete, visual peace of mind via your blog as to Casey and Amanda's safe arrival. The two of them look so relaxed and glowing and normal-posing. No doubt a by product of the warmth, hospitality and loving generosity of the Geller spirit and household. Anyone else want to try San Francisco for awhile now? I have a cozy and inviting former spider hole myself ;D

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