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Hi Michelle

You made a very cute page... I love it... The colors and the texture.. Great job...

I can't wait to see the rest...

Love you

See, that's why I love other scrapbooker's sense of style. I can never do this or would not think of it. I am SO going to do our circle journal now. Me, too trying to catch up!!! Happy Easter.

Michelle, this page is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle you sure spend a lot of time on this computer.. what are you up to anyway?
Your pages are so You and full of your sense of beauty, fun and life, I'm glad you found (yet another) mode of expression. Thanks for tea this morning.
Love you lots,

OHh, Michelle!! Glen is SO sweet for leaving a message on your blog!!!

Glen is a sweety! :-) And dear family, if you read this, Glen wasn't feeling well this morning and the "tea" he is referencing is actually tea and not a euphemism for anything else! :-)

I must have just missed PJ on SNL, and I didn't even have a chocolate, dirty or otherwise martini or not even a lemondrop or any "tea", haha. Gleny-Wheny, you feel better beecuz u r Loved!

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