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Oh my goodness !!!

Malou is so generous. She must've had so much fun choosing stuff and packing it up. Probably how Santa Claus feels, filling stockings :) I can hardly wait to get my pkg. Thanks for the sneak peek

OMG... Malou put all her stuff in that box I think LOL!!! You are sooooooooo LUCKY Michelle!!!

And your day 17 page is way too cute...


your journal is beautiful! keep it up!

I'm glad you like it Michelle!! Wow a whole page dedicated to my RAKs! Malou

Oh by the way I love day 17 I would never have thought of doing that to those chatterbox brads!!! YOu did such a great job!

Wow! I am so thrilled for you Shell. I KNOW you had a big smile on your face the entire time you were opening your goodies, and no doubt made our "ewww-who-ou-eww" noise. (I can't spell it, but I know you know the noise to which I am referring to). What a generous and thoughtful gift. I like this Malou lady!!

WOWZERS! So it was a good day for you then? lol Love your page!

Oh My Shell, Goodies Galore! Like you, Malou appears to enjoy assembling random little wonders for others just the way you do. Remember that wonderful guest basket assortment you left for me on the dresser when I visited? It appears the sweet and generous flock together like birds of a feather. (i thought up part of that up myself ;)
OH ~~ and I love your journals also btw.

Oh Happy Day! I am now using the "If not now when" picture as wallpaper on my computer. It has a very special meaning to me, almost like an answer to a prayer. I love you beyond words!

wow!! That is some RAK:) So many fun things to play with!!

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