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What a hilarious cat! He looks like he has a lot of personality.

That book should work perfectly with the colour scheme you mentioned to me :)

Ow I just LOVE your cat... Can I have him LOL... He is soooooooooo funny...

And I love your book.. Yesterday my husband bought me a blank book... I'm going to alter that... I'm so pumped about this challenge...

Have a great day


Ow BTW you put a wrong link of my blog!! It's
Lilli's link is also wrong



Hi, Michelle. This looks like a very lovely book. I can't wait what you ladies will do with those books. I guess I should have joined but I'm not good in what you ladies do (I guess I have a different type of scrapbooking) But can't wait. What is gessoing? Luvs Malou

and oh yes! Atticus is a CUTIE. He has such a personality and it's like his a human w/all those funny poses he does!!!

The concept and processes of this project really appeal to me and I will be following along and living vicariously as you and the other participants progress along. This is really amazing, I love your book stuff, Shell!

Thanks for your lovely comments, your cat is wonderfull... and that project of ArtsyMama... I'm thinking about joining!

Thanks for visiting my blog! The baby bunnies were soooooo cute! The photos were taken about 17 years ago---thought they were appropriate for the season. I'm having a bit of trouble tearing apart the book I'm doing for the Book of Dreams project---need to just bite the bullet and go for it. This should be fun! Oh, by the way, perusing your blog, I'm guessing you're in Portland? I too live in Oregon! Nice to meet-cha :)!

so excited you are doing this project. i think i'll live vicariously through you. please share progress!

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