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mmmm now I want coffee :)

Great Pic Michelle


Cute conversation with hands. Mine are complaining that they're dry. I'm off to grab some lavender hand cream....

This is great Michelle, we do forget about our hands. Especially with my kind of job we always wash our hands constantly but I put lotion on it to keep it moist! I like this topic.

Loving the personality in your post. So how ling after the picture was taken did your cat make a run for it? *laugh*

Having a conversation with your hands, are you alright sister dear? I would never do such a thing, just ask Mom. But more importantly sister, did your hands answer back? If they could have they would have no doubt told you how very busy they are, although never too busy for coffee, I'm sure!
p.s. How nice to see your hands again after all this time since our last visit.

Your hands reply:
"Oh we are happy to be here, to be part of you!! Even if you do crack us (knuckles)we like most the things you do, ;) we applaud you!"

maybe, our hands can talk to each other and while we're having some coffee.

All too often we forget to appreciate our most precious tools; our hands! We so SO MUCH with them yet give them little or no thought. I think today's entry for Studio Friday is a great tribute to recognise that which enables us to create! Have a great weekend! I look forward to next Friday's journey!!
~ Gabi

i'm giggling about you asking your hands out for a cup of coffee. your kitty looks so snuggly, too. now i feel all warm and fuzzy.

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