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That's really cool! Love the background - and I'm pretty sure I have handwriting envy!

yOu gO GiRL :)

Wow! You've been busy! I like your style. I'm sure you'll enjoy this process :)

Great journal. Love it! Still lovin' those stamps. Great work. Love your style.

That is so cool!! Love it!!

Thanks Michelle, you're very sweet :)

Ow michelle.. I love it... Especially the last entry... It's gorgouos... MESSY-> That's what I like in an art journal... I can express my feelngs better...


this ROCKS - love your goal and all you've done here!

what an incredible piece of artwork you are creating!!

I LOVE it!!! I love the lines, colors and journaling! It tells emotion even without reading the words! GREAT!

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