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Oh Shelsters! What a beautiful and loving tribute to our Daddy, the best Daddy in the whole wide world. I also, like you, cherish every memory of him, his kindness, tenderness, sensitivity, how he would cry at Hallmark commercials right along side me, and how we always said I love you. I also remember that whenever we would part, he would always kiss the bump on my forehead, my boo-boo from when I was five. Even before he went to heaven, when I visited him in the nursing home he would say "come here sisi", motion for me to bend down so he could kiss my forehead. I believe we are all better women for having had him in our life. I miss him everyday. Every single day.

Claire was a beauty, a beauty queen to be exact. Our very own beauty queen, in our OWN family. Now how many people can say that? I unfortunately only got to visit with her a few times, but she was always a woman of presence. When she was in the room you knew it. People were drawn to her, and it must have been because of her charm, which you mentioned. She had a way of making everyone feel important. And the legacy she leaves behind is one of grace, kindness and love.

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