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I love you because when we were little and played "big office" you always let me have the bigger desk and most of the supplies.

I love you!

Dear Shell Shell: You love me because you see me through the eyes of a loving sweet angel girl!! I love you because when I leave this planet, I hope I find myself on a higher plane; but no worry, because it has always been heaven on earth to live here with you and my other children.

I just recalled last evening that I am probably one of the few mothers who was ever called to come to the school (in Cudahy) for a conference with the teacher because my little girl was so smart and scored so high on the intelligence tests. I didn't know what to say except to assure the teacher that I did realize how exceptional you were and that we did have books in our home, etc. The one thing that had most impressed the teacher, she told me,was that this sweet shy little girl (YOU) had amazing abstract reasoning abilities--more than many adults! I haven't mentioned that to you for a long time, but just wanted to jog your memory in case you had forgotten. So have no fear of algebra!! All My Love from Mommy

Hmmm, could you love me for being in the world, in your life and your heart as you are in mine? Lucky me for having the honor of being your one and only big sister (as well as the big sister to two!) with a quality here and there that you value, as you have told me infinity times! But most of all, I think you love me for my ability, when I think of, see you (or read your blog!), to sense and savor your tenderness and purity of heart, spirit, and passion for life that you are so good at finding time and words to express to us all! Love Eternally, Me

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