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Wow, look at my seestor go!!! I am SO impressed. Is there no end to your talent, creativity and abilities. Oh now look what you've done, I'm gettin all teary-eyed. Love you Michellester!!

what - you mean she has even MORE skills? This will be such a treat for your subscribers.

Simply adore your minutiae, dear sister. Eagerly anticipating more delightful revelations, etc. a la micheLLe!

Boy am I tired from just reading of your Birthday Travels with Miranda. Okay, gotta ask...what is a slingshot organizer. Could it possibly just be an organizer for all your slingshots. Duh. Perhaps someone will enlighten me. Or not. Although, evidently they can "come out the wazoo." Holy Schnikey! But I digress--MERRY CHRISTMAS DAY to all.

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