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I'm married to my best and most trusted friend, Glen. He has told me I am beautiful every single day of the 28 years we have been married. He's a great father to our amazing 25 year old daughter and he loves my mom! I work full-time as a Technical Writer at an insurance company.


knitting, collage, stamping, stamp carving, calligraphy, yoga, karoake, gardening, guitar, ukulele, beading. i love kitty cats, rats, wind chimes, the color red, taking sun naps, and thursdays. i love movies and my all-time favorite movie is "somewhere in time" with christopher reeve and jane seymour. i love reading and my all-time favorite book is jane erye by charlotte bronte. i love music and my all-time favorite album is jeff , mashed potatoes and gravy, and green peas with lots of butter (all vegan, of course)., cooking, reading, scrapbooking, cardmaking, bookmaking, drawing, painting, sewing, blogging, bowling, and snakes (and all other animals), the beach, candles