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WOW!!! I just discovered your blog through a post at Kelly Kilmer's blog. Your journal is AMAZING!!!

I just love this! Thanks to your blog, I signed up for Artsy Mama's Best Halloween Ever and am working on my journal right now - my very first. My Silver Bella Junque Journal will be my second, but this way I'll have a little practice. Thanks for the inspiration!

Love the new Hope-design of your blog, and the journal is so yummy now that it's finished. Very beautiful!

Beautiful and heartfelt happiness! As I walk my sidewalks, I notice lots of feathers now. ♥!♥

Your journal is so beautiful, both in person and on your blog....just like you. I love how you capture memories, and how every turn of the page brings a new smile. Love you!!

your journal looks fabulous! just imagine the fun you will have, in a few year's time, looking back through the pages and remembering the fun you had.

OMG that is the most perfect journal I have ever seen!!!

what a treasure. I know so often I create journals and then dont fill them out! This is great how you embellished it with all of your findings.... love love love it.

how cool smashmouth? love them too!

Oh, Michelle, this is an absolute beauty of a journal!

Just ADORE it!


It is so cool Michelle- what a beautiful keepsake to treasure. I love the Don't worry be happy page! A great motto :-}

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