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That caricature of you is AMAZING!

It seems everyone went to art fest but me!!! I hope you had a great time . the photos of beach combing are especially yummy!!!

Hello Michelle,
Sounds like a wonderful time. I may have to go next year. I have been looking for some fun mix media retreats here on the east coast but haven't found one that has such great workshops. The art, trades, and your caricature are fantastic.

Hi Michelle,
I am so sorry that I "disappeared"! I didn't realize that you were coming back, and I knew that vendor night is so intense, I thought you were just going off to see everything.

No worries, though, we will get a chance to talk someday! I may go to all of ArtFest next year!

Wow, Michelle--reading your blog posts of Art Fest was almost like being there! I would LOVE to go sometime. Thanks for all the detail and wonderful photos. It's clear it was a very special time. Lorie

Thanks for all the wonderful photos, I loved hearing about your trip! So glad you'll be at Silver Bella this fall.

you are like blog pr for artfest... oh i so want to go... you have the best class outcomes... can't wait to see your creation from a day with nina. the picture of you getting your caricature is so on... just makes me smile...

thanks for sharing... all the wonderful posts!

take care

I can't stand it! I want to go! I love all of your finds... the sea glass...ooooooohhhhh. (have you ever read the book?)
so, so, so much creativity!

I am teaching THIS SATURDAY! WOOT!
HUGS to you, friend...Cheryl in IN

Michelle what a lucky girl you are. How fun that you were able to attend Art Fest. Thank you for sharing your pictures- it looks like amazing fun and to have such inspirational and talented teachers- yep, you are a lucky girl.

Art fest and silver bella...Lucky you!!!

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