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Oh, I would just love to participate
Hugs from N.Z.

I would like to do this swap. I love water and mermaids.

Hello Michelle!
I would love to participate in your mermaid swap! What a fun idea!! Your examples were very inspiring. Seriously, what woman did not want to be as mermaid when she was little?! I can't wait! You can find me at my blog:

I was loving all of the graciousness you extended to the other Gina! I am SO in the mermaid swap and you rock, Seester!

This sounds like so much fun please add me into this swap. I can't wait to start hunting!

I'd love to join this swap. I've been collecting mermaid-related stuff in preparation for Art & Soul this fall, so I have a head start on this. Please count me in!

Hi, there!

I received a nice invite from Gina to join this group. This swap sounds like so much fun. I always collect fibers, broken vintage jewelry and other fun items to design with. This is going to be fun! Please count me in! Thanks so much!!!

Hi..If it's not too late count me in!
I was invited by Gina & would be interested!Thanks...

Eep! Two Ginas- I am getting myself all confused here. Are you going to kill me for inviting people? I have only sent you the cream of the Mermaid crop! Looks like it is going great guns!

I love mermaids! Part being my sign, Aquarius. Please include me in your swap! I'm ok with international too!

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